• Fifty percent (50%) down payment of the total amount made within 24 hours as from Approved Reservation Date as stated in the Confirmation Letter.
  • Failure to make the down payment in such a time by whatsoever reason may lead to Florence Boat Komodo cancels Approved Reservation Date.
  • The balance payment should have been made within two (2) weeks before the Reserved Trip Date. The failure to make the balance payment may cause Florence Boat Komodo cancel the Reserved Schedule Trip Date without any claim or dispute and the paid down payment shall be treated as forfeiture of Customer failure of making such balance payment.
  • Any payment made cannot be cancelled by Customer unless for reasons acceptable to Florence Boat Komodo.
  • Any Customer payment via bank transfer shall be deemed to have been received by Florence Boat Komodo if such payment has been properly remitted to a designated bank account of Florence Boat Komodo as shown in the Confirmation Latter and Florence Boat Komodo has issued a payment receipt to Customer.
  • Any payment made by Customer should be immediately and properly informed to Florence Boat Komodo otherwise any cancellation by Florence Boat Komodo to Approved Reservation Date and or the Reserved Schedule Trip Date shall be under fully responsibility of Customer and Florence Boat Komodo is discharged from any claim or dispute.
  • This payment terms and conditions is subject to Indonesia prevailing laws and any dispute related to or arising out of this payment terms and conditions shall be resolved by BANI in Jakarta under BANI Arbitration rules and regulations.
  • This payment terms and conditions is validly prevailing and binding to both Customer and Florence Boat Komodo on the Approved Reservation Date.


Bank Account No:

Bank             : MANDIRI

AC No           : 181 – 00 – 0008845 – 1